• Our Unique Technology

    The Most Accurate and Trusted Weather Data Source in the World

  • MeteoWeather relies on gathering raw Data from multiple sources (including Universal ground & atmospheric observations, Universal numerical weather models, Real-time satellite data, and MeteoWeather's automatic weather stations), which are then sent to our central computers and servers. Our servers then apply our unique weather forecasting algorithms to process and generate accurate, localized, relevant, and precise weather forecast data. All system generated weather forecasts and data are quality assured by some of the most talented weather forecasters, specialised in the Arabia region, giving it an added human enriched data set and assurance.

    Our business solutions help our clients make more confident decisions powered by highly accurate forecasts and data. These decisions directly impact the business by minimising risk, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and enhancing their client experience. For example, our technology serves as a major factor in thousands of flights run running on time.


    Our mission is to provide unique and high-quality meteorological and weather solutions to consumers and businesses in the Arab World. Through this mission, we aim to improve safety and enhance the quality of life for people in the region, and to help businesses minimise losses and optimise performance.