• SeaWatch


    Comprehensive Marine Weather Forecasting


  • SeaWatch is a comprehensive Marine weather forecasting solution for Oil and Gas as well as other offshore activities. It provides continuous-decision support and monitoring to ensure safety, increase efficiency and minimise environmental impacts relevant to any offshore project.


    SeaWatch was designed to be easily accessible via your dedicated web portal that can produce and email a PDF file on demand. We customise the frequency and required outlook time frame to your needs. Forecasts can be provided in an intuitive traffic light format adjusted to your operational parameters.


  • Marine and Offshore

    An offshore rig operates in what is considered to be one of the most challenging environments in the world. businesses need to have fast, precise and accurate weather information and forecasts. This is critical to ensure smooth, efficient, and safe operations, and to be prepared for unforeseen and adverse weather events that can cause loss of life, damage to valuable equipment, and the risk of disasters. MeteoWeather helps businesses in the marine and offshore sectors manage their weather risks and plan their operations more efficiently.


    Oil and Gas

    Offshore drilling and shipping is sensitive to high winds and squalls, large waves and other dangerous conditions. These interruptions can be costly, but their impact can be minimised with the operations optimised forecast that MeteoWeather excels at providing. Our decision support solutions can help you operate safely and make more confident “Go” or “No Go” decisions.