• LandWatch

    Informed Business Decisions​

  • LandWatch allows you to make informed business decisions when confronted with adverse weather.

    Our experts provide services to alert of severe weather With access to advanced meteorological data.


    The service includes 24/7 support before, during and after severe weather events. LandWatch empowers you to minimise downtime and maximise productivity, manage risks and avoid weather analysis confusion between staff, reduce legal liability, and most importantly, protect your brand and your people.

  • Government

    MeteoWeather recognizes the vital role that local and national governments play in ensuring public safety. MeteoWeather partners with governments to supply them with weather information and systems designed to ensure public safety by communicating accurate weather information to the public.


    Weather significantly impacts businesses in the agriculture industry, including the planning, operations, fertilisation, harvesting, production, and sales. MeteoWeather offers a range of weather products and services to help agribusinesses make informed and intelligent decisions that reduce the impact of weather across their operations.



    MeteoWeather provides insurance companies with customised products and services that manage the impact of weather across their markets. This includes risk assessments, pricing, sales and client communication and claim management.


    Reliable and accurate weather information can help insurance companies run efficiently, reduce claim disputes, and deliver better products to their clients



    Weather conditions can have a significant impact upon construction projects, affecting worker safety, day-to-day operations, and completion timelines and targets. MeteoWeather can help construction projects and companies save money and time, improve work safety, and avoid delays through the most reliable and accurate weather forecast warning systems in the region.



    Reliable and highly accurate weather forecasts are an essential factor to operating successfully in today’s energy sectors. MeteoWeather provides accurate, hyper-local, real-time weather data and analysis to help energy companies operate efficiently, saving time and money. MeteoWeather's Energy sector products and services are highly customisable across Energy sub-sectors. These are designed for a wide range of clients, from utility companies to traders and distributors.



    MeteoWeather's unique weather warning system and comprehensive range of services were created to assist in reducing the impact of weather conditions on transport operations. Accurate and timely weather forecasts are essential for mitigating the impact of potentially hazardous road conditions, ensuring public safety and optimising maintenance activity, in addition to sustaining the smooth and secure movement of roads and trains.


    Water Management

    MeteoWeather offers water management companies and local government authorities innovative meteorological solutions that help in making critical decisions across their water management operations; including planning, risk management of floods particularly to dams, water supply management, and more.